Think snow?


I know what the owner of this truck with plow attachment is doing...this is his "marketing plan." He is trying to sell the truck!

Either he has traded up to a larger plow, or he has had enough of this "snow business," literally!

Clearing a huge parking lot... (Craig Allen photo)

The "plow guys" that I spoke with this past "snow season" were busy, to the point of exhaustion!

Here comes the plow that had to clear my neighborhood...more than once. (Craig Allen photo)

And, maybe that is the point of this truck-with-plow SALE!

Being the swell guy that I am, I need to introduce the plow seller to the guy pictured below!

Sure, I'd be happy to accept a "finder's fee" if this business transaction works out...

Perhaps, he'd like a larger "plow?" (Craig Allen photo)

Think SNOW?!  Seriously?!

Back then...FedEx Pat's tree in the snow and ice... (Craig Allen photo)

I'd rather think...

FedEx Pat's tree NOW! (Craig Allen photo)