As the Great Garden State "bakes" in the summer heat and humidity the next few days (get NJ101.5 Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's weather blog here), I'll supply some much-needed relief.

The "Big Yellow Van," on March 1st. (Craig Allen photo).

Pictorial relief, that is...

With temperatures hovering in the 90's for the next few days, behold: a few "blasts from the past" to help you THINK COOL!

This tree outside the NJ101.5 studio is ice covered...and the picnic table looks lonely. (Craig Allen photo).

But, there's so much more than just pictures taken during one of those (famous) station "sleepovers,"

Just "shoveling it on." (Craig Allen photo).

...when we are all snowed in!

Homer Simpson: "That name again, is Mr. Plow!" (Craig Allen photo).

Calling out the BIG plow...

More parking spaces, please! (Craig Allen photo).

...and another one...

In warmer weather, it could be a part of the neighborhood tractor race! (Craig Allen photo).

...and, it's "mini-me."


Ice cream won't melt in these shopping carts! (Craig Allen photo).

As we continue to "trudge along" in the snow...

Snow-covered trees by a quiet brook. (Craig Allen photo).

...I have to tell you that I was freezing while snapping these photos...but, in this heat, the above picture looks so...refreshing! Go ahead, look again...I'll wait.

"Neither rain..nor sleet..nor SNOW... (Craig Allen photo).

Ummm....what happened here???!!!

This kid has had ENOUGH! (Craig Allen photo).


Of course, by January and February, we'll be praying for "warm" days.

Here's a BIG ice cube, for your COOL (refreshing) drink! (Craig Allen photo).

In the meantime, you can do like Bob Williams, and have some fun during our latest Jersey heatwave...

Car Cookies! (Bob Williams photo).

...make the sun work for you!

Yes, I'll take a cookie, Bob!

Wow...writing this post has been...warm work. I think that I'll go...

Cannonball! (Craig Allen photo).