It was only a few days ago that I posted the most recent available list of top baby names here in New Jersey. That list was 2014. Now the 2015 national list has been sorted through by the state and we have the updated list. These are the most common names of babies born in New Jersey for 2015.

The biggest shocker (if you can even be that dramatic for something as silly as top 10 baby names) is that Michael, No. 1 for a decade, has finally been replaced.

Top 10 boy names for New Jersey 2015

1) Liam
That's right. Liam. Kicking Michael from the top of the chart for the first time in a decade. Liam. I don't know a single kid named Liam. They're obviously out there.

2) Michael
This will still have staying power for years to come.

3) Jacob
Last year this was No. 6. I couldn't name a boy Jacob. Reminds me of the movie Jacob's Ladder and I'd get too creeped out.

4) Noah
Same ranking as last year. Even more popular nationwide at No. 1.

5) Mason
Was not even in the top 10 in Jersey last year so this was a big leap. You could name his brother Dixon and buy them banjos for Christmas.

6) Matthew
Falling from No. 2 last year.

7) Dylan
This was not even in the top 10 last year.

8) Joseph
Falling from No. 3 last year. Notice a trend? Joseph, Michael, Matthew...a lot of biblical names are dropping. BUT Noah has grown in popularity. Go figure.

9) Benjamin
Enormous leap from No. 18 last year. I knew a kid named Benjamin back in the day. Kind of ruined the name for me. Don't we all have at least one of those?

10) Alexander
Down two notches from last year. Going into a slump just like Alex Rodriguez every post season?

Top 10 girl names for New Jersey 2015

1) Isabella
Moves up from second to first in the Garden State this year.

2) Olivia
Just like Isabella, moved up a notch from the prior year. Beautiful name, hard to argue with.

3) Sophia
Fell from first last year, but at least they spell it correctly instead of the Sofia version. Too many parents decided to get "creative" over the years and take traditional names and spell them differently, dooming their child to a lifetime of explaining themselves.

4) Emma
Still hanging tough at the same ranking as last year.

5) Mia
Same rank as last year. Close to my daughter's name, Mina, which is not common at all. I could never name a girl Mia because I see it as M.I.A., missing in action, then I just get creeped out (see Jacob).

6) Ava
Still at No. 6. There wasn't a single Ava when I was in school. Now they're everywhere. Like Starbucks.

7) Abigail
This is getting even more popular, moving up from 9th last year. Really? We're just going to bring back all the old lady names? Will Abigail's children be named Hortense, Eleanor and Beatrice?

8) Emily
Last year's No. 7.

9) Madison
OK, Splash fans, Madison is still popular — moving up one notch from last year, so bust out the mermaid costumes and celebrate.

10) Charlotte
Moving into the top 10 in Jersey. Nice airport, I don't know about a name though.

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