Nothing's cuter than a kitten, but cats at any age can be wonderful, furry companions.

While many people look to adopt kitten, especially around the holidays, there are many “senior” cats in New Jersey that also need homes with loving families.

According to the ASPCA, "when you choose to adopt an older pet, you know what to expect. Senior pets are fully grown, their personalities have developed, and many are already trained."

Below is a list of 10 senior cats in New Jersey that need “forever homes.” You can also find more by searching the ASPCA’s website as well as PetFinder or your local shelter.

  • 1

    George, male domestic short hair

    Woodbridge Township Animal COntrol

    George is 12 years young. He likes to lounge around and play with toys. He's low key and totally content to have a sunny spot to occupy. Click here to adopt George.

    ( via Woodbridge Animal Control)
  • 2

    Michael, male domestic short hair

    Homeless Animal Rescue Team

    Michael is a a sweet black and white cat and very laid back. He likes to play and chase his toy mouse but is just as content to take a nap on his human's lap. Click here to adopt Michael.

    ( via Homeless Animal Rescue Team)
  • 3

    Bogey, male tabby

    Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption

    Bogey is an outgoing, sweet and funny boy. He's talkative, especially at feeding time but he also wants to be fed before all other cats or he'll meow until the food is in front of him. He's affectionate and enjoys having his chin scratched. He will also grab your hand and lick it. Click here to adopt Bogey.

    ( via Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption)
  • 4

    Lily, female domestic medium hair

    Rescue Ridge

    Lily is a 12-year-old green-eyes beauty who loves to relax with her humans. She has a young spirit who is super friendly with people as well as other cats and dogs. Click here to adopt Lily.

    ( via Rescue Ridge)
  • 5

    Caesar, male domestic short hair

    New Beginnings Animal Rescue

    Caesar is a healthy, 13-year-old people lover. He's talkative and enjoys the company of other cats. Click here to adopt Caesar.

    ( via New Beginnings Animal Rescue)
  • 6

    Phillip, male domestic short hair/tabby

    Animal Rescue Force

    Phillip (pronounced Philippe) is a sweet 11-year-old male cat. He was rescued when he was very sick 6 years ago. He had a shelter cold that turned into pnemonia that almost killed him. He is in need of a new home as his rescuer is very ill. Click Here to adopt Phillip.

    ( via Animal Rescue Force)
  • 7

    Tiffany, female DSH dilute calico

    All Critters Rescue

    Tiffany is a sweet 9-year-old kitty who loves to be pet and brushed. Her favorite positions are either cross-pawed, sleeping in a basket or upside down. Click here to adopt Tiffany.

    ( via All Critters Rescue)
  • 8

    Thumper, male domestic short hair

    Hudson County Animal League

    Thumper is a very sweet older cat who loves to lay with his paws crossed. He's affectionate and would make a great companion. Click here to adopt Thumper.

    ( via Hudson County Animal League)
  • 9

    Buttons, female tuxedo mic

    Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter

    Buttons is a friendly, playful cat who was returned by her owner who could no longer care for her. Click here to adopt Buttons.

    ( via Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter)
  • 10

    Pinky, female domestic long hair mix

    Somerset Regional Animal Shelter

    Pinky is shy at first, but once she gets to know you she's affectionate and enjoys human attention. The senior cat would make a great companion in a quiet home. Click here to adopt Pinky.

    ( via Somerset Regional Animal Shelter)