All of a sudden, Chris Christie's looking like a real contender in New Hampshire — with surging poll numbers putting him in second place (though still a very distant second to Donald Trump).

Bill Spadea asked the New Jersey 101.5 audience Tuesday — if it came down to New Jersey's always-blunt governor and the unapologetically brash Trump, who would they choose? Is Christie's candor the more reasonable alternative to Trump's bluster?

He asked callers to weigh in, and to tell us on Twitter what they think by tweeting at @NJ1015 and @BillSpadea with the hashtag #ChristieorTrump.

Throughout most of it, a few themes popped up. Trump supporters said Christie's not to be trusted, and they're eager to get someone who isn't a career politician in the White House — even some Democrats said so.

And Christie supporters said Trump's no serious candidate — someone not ready to govern.

Then, of course, there were those for whom "none of the above" was the only reasonable option.

And our poll on the matter was, at least as of Tuesday afternoon, nearly dead even:


Here's some of what we heard today:

On Christie's side:

The @GovChristiesGut account had its own reason:


On the Trump side:

Dave called in from Clinton to say he's backing Trump because life shouldn't be about politics — and lifelong politicians don't serve us well. He longed for the days when people would serve in office out of a sense of duty, "and then you get back to your real job."

"I think we're really tired of career politicians," Dave said. "I'm 38 years old. I never really followed politics till you get a little bit older, you start learning a little bit more. I don't care if you're black or white, we just need to come together as a nation, and make our country better again. A lot of what Trump said — we're tired of getting pushed around. ... (Christie) promises the world to everybody, but then he takes back what he said."

George, a Democrat, called in from the Turnpike to say that when he looks at Democrats and Republicans, "I basically see the same thing."

"America is waking up to — they're tired of politicians just taking money from special Interest banks and from businesses," George said. "Because at the end of the day, they have to pay them back before they pay the American People back. Donald trump says, 'I played the game. I know how the game is played. And he's funding his own campaign.' ... These career politicians, they go in there and they screw up anyway. So why not give the man a chance?"


On neither's side:

"People are calling in from the Democratic side and they're saying they're going to go with Trump. That scares me," caller Kyle said. "Trump's a xenophobe. He's a fear-mongerer. We're going to built a 50-foot wall in Mexico. We're not going to let any Muslims in. People need to get away from that."

Kyle said even though "the 'S' word" scares people, Bernie Sanders is worth a look.

"People need to stop thinking about who we're not going to let into this country, and start thinking about the people who are going to be running this country," he said.



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