It's one of the first questions they ask during any doctor's visit. What medications are you on? According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, these are the 25 most commonly prescribed medications we're taking in New Jersey. I thought there would be more anxiety/depression medications as I've often heard these were at least a quarter of all meds filled by any pharmacy. I guess that was just anecdotal perception.

I am on one of these. I'll let you guess which one. No, it's not a depression/anxiety med, and no, it's not erectile dysfunction. Keep guessing.

  1. Lipitor (high cholesterol)
  2. Singulair (asthma/allergies)
  3. Plavix (stroke)
  4. Nexium (reflux/heartburn)
  5. Crestor (high cholesterol)
  6. Synthroid (hypothyroidism)
  7. Lexapro (depression/anxiety)
  8. Advair Diskus (asthma/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  9. Cymbalta (depression/anxiety)
  10. Ventolin HFA (asthma)
  11. Diovan (high blood pressure/heart failure)
  12. Seroquel (schizophrenia/bipolar disorder/depression)
  13. Diovan HCT (high blood pressure/heart failure)
  14. Actos (diabetes)
  15. Lantus (diabetes)
  16. Celebrex (pain)
  17. Lyrica (pain)
  18. Nasonex (allergies)
  19. Spiriva with HandiHaler (emphysema/chronic bronchitis/COPD)
  20. Abilify (schizophrenia/bipolar disorder/depression)
  21. Viagra (erectile dysfunction)
  22. Vyvanse (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  23. Zetia (high cholesterol)
  24. Namenda (dementia)
  25. Januvia (diabetes)

Source: Department of Consumer Affairs website