Drowsy drivers. Hitting the wall at work at 2 in the afternoon. We keep hearing more and more about sleep deprivation. If part of the problem is simply that you have a hard time falling to sleep, have a hard time turning your mind off and settling in, this may help. Five bedtime snacks that health experts are saying could help you sleep better. They are...

  • KIND banana nut clusters in low-fat milk
  • Cherries
  • Yasso frozen greek yogurt bar
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Almond butter on bread

Meantime, if you want the 5 secrets for the Jeff Deminski insomnia plan, they are...

  • Drink heavily caffeinated diet soda right up until bedtime
  • Tequila mixed with Jolt cola (do they even still make that?)
  • Find one thing you didn't accomplish that day and dwell, dwell, dwell
  • Worry about things out of your control that may happen 11 years from now
  • Check smart phone constantly with light on as bright as possible