Try to guess first without skipping ahead to the answer what the three most common last names are in New Jersey.

Think about it. Didn't we hear the news about how for the fifth year in a row Jersey is the most moved away from state, and incoming residents replacing those fleeing are mostly foreign born immigrants? Wouldn't it make sense if the most common last names follow suit?

Take California for example. According to the three most common last names there are Garcia, Hernandez, and Lopez. In New Mexico it's Martinez, Garcia, and Chavez. So what on earth would New Jersey's be?

Let me narrow it down for you by one. It is most definitely not Deminski. My awkward, ethnic name is so rare that fewer than 120 people in the entire country have it (according to My name is constantly misspelled, which is totally understandable. Since I'm mostly German and not Polish I often thought it would have been cool to have my mom's last name which was Geisinger. Turns out that's not too common either. There are only 1,202 people in the U.S. with that name.

So enough with the uncommon. What are the three most common last names in New Jersey?

They are Smith, Williams, and Johnson. What!? you say? No Patels? No Garcias? No Abbouds? Nope, not yet. And I don't really know why I'm so surprised. After all my boss has the last name Johnson. There's Bob Williams from the morning show. I know plenty of people named Smith and Williams and Johnson. With as much of a melting pot as New Jersey now is, these are still the 3 most common last names. There you have it.

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