If you've ever heard us talk about tattoos you know I'm pretty liberal when it comes to ink. While I don't have any myself, I like them.  Love them on women if there's meaning and art behind them.  I also love to hear the stories behind them.

What on earth though is the deal behind this story from PhillyBurbs.com?

It is bad enough this guy from Camden at 33 years old admits to lighting up and smoking PCP and causing a destructive fire which burns down his family's home. But check out the ink.  One up the side of his neck.  Some sort of freaky claw mark tattoo on one cheek.  Or is it supposed to be tears?  Or has he just not washed his face in a year?  Looks like backwards numbers on the other cheek.  Then we have the clocks dripping blood or whatever the hell they are along his forehead topped off with I-don't-know-what overtop.

Why would you do this to yourself?  I'm all for good tattoos.  But this just screams "Hey guess what?  I've already decided I'm a loser who one day will burn down my family's home smoking PCP."

What is the worst tattoo you have ever seen? Leave your comment below.