Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a California elected official is caught on video beating his stepson with a belt after the boy failed to catch a baseball.

Anthony Sanchez, a California water official is free on bail,  charged with felony child abuse. The incident was caught on tape by a neighbor, Oscar Lopez, who argued with man to stop the assault, then posted the video. The video starts with Sanchez playing catch with the boy, then stopping to whip him when he drops the ball. The neighbor claims Sanchez was saying to the boy, “ You know what, you better throw that football right because when you start playing football they’re all gonna laugh at you. They’re gonna tell you you suck because of the way you throw a football.”


In my opinion,  the book is still out on the beatings in general because I was hit with all kinds of stuff as a child by my parents as well as assorted nuns and priests and I survived. I also understand the father’s concern that his son could be bullied in the future. But hitting him the way he throws a ball? These are the kinds of stories your hear about dads torturing their kids with the game they love, which ultimately drives the child away from it. The result is empty baseball diamonds on a beautiful day because no kid wants to be yelled ta, they just want to play.
Maybe kids turn to video games today because they know dad can’t play them. Pity the day this father would  learn a video game.

What some dads need to learn is that they had their chance at youth and now it’s someone else’s turn.  What this father should already  know from growing up is that all that schoolyard stuff means squat when you grow up. A majority of the guys who peaked in high school spend the rest of their lives reminding you about how great they were back then while singing the lyrics to 'Glory Days' by Bruce Springsteen. You can find most of those high school guys reminiscing while they’re mowing your lawn.