If you were looking for a reason to feel better about yourself today, look no further than this video.We've all been to bad weddings in the past and we've probably all seen some pretty odd wedding entrances before but this one may take the (wedding) cake.

Instead of the usual classic wedding march, the bride in this video decided to walk down the aisle to a song by the band Buckcherry entitled "Crazy Bit*h."

If  you've never heard the song, the lyrics are extremely uh, 'colorful' to say the least.  As the not-so-blushing bride makes her way down the aisle, you can hear a woman singing the lyrics in the background and you can see the horror on the face of the parents who are standing their with their kids.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself if this may be one of the worst wedding entrances you have ever seen. We'd probably advise not watching this at work as there is a bunch of not-so-safe-for-work language in the video!

What's the worst wedding you've ever been to? Let us hear your wedding horror stories below.