Tiny Tim put out a song called Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year. It needs explanation. Listening to this terrible cacophony, it really would lead you to think he's referring to the terrible immune disease, especially with lines about lying sick in bed. Not so. This was written around 1980, before AIDS was a big thing, but when there was a diet nutrition bar for people needing to lose weight called an AYDS bar. It was such unfortunate coincidence when the disease struck big with the acronym AIDS that AYDS changed the name of the bar then eventually took it off the market. Anyway, that's what this song is allegedly about. Santa on the AYDS plan needing to lose weight. So the actual name of it would be Santa Claus Has Got The AYDS This Year. But listen to it and see why it's not only the worst Christmas song ever been the one that seems to be in the worst taste of all time.