I don't think anyone would consider using this app except for Dennis Rodman.


North Korean soldiers
Getty Images / Chung Sung-Jun


If you're thinking of booking an overseas summer vacation, golly gee, here's a swell idea.  Travel for a week or two in North Korea.

An app was launched a few days ago by a British travel agency called the North Korean Travel App.

The app's website gives some background about the nation ruled by Kim Jong including certain areas you can and cannot visit.  For me, that's a "red flag."

I did some research about this mysterious land.  Here's what I found.

Tourists are welcomed.  They just have to do what they're told.

If you're thinking of visiting by yourself or with another person, forget it.  You have to travel in North Korea in an organized tour.  People who stray from the tour are confronted by the military.

A couple of breathtaking attractions include the Runga Dolphinarium.  For 28 bucks you can watch a 20 minute dolphin performance.

Here's one more must see place.  The "Youth Hero Highway".  It's a ten lane road that was constructed during the famine of the 1990's.  Here's the thing.  There are practically no cars on this thoroughfare.  Do you know why?  Except for the "elite", vehicles in North Korea are owned by the government.

Lets suppose a North Korean resident wanted to listen to a radio station similar to New Jersey 101.5.  That's not happening.  All radios are controlled by the government.  And guess what?  They can't be turned off.  If you're caught listening to a foreign broadcast you'll be subject to arrest.

If North Korean residents want their voices heard they can go to the polls.  Elections are held every five years.  Filling out a ballot is very easy.  There is only one candidate.

By now you get the jist.

On the very serious side, human rights violations are the norm not the exception. There is wide-spread malnutrition, especially among children.

The country has been cited by almost every human rights organization.

So, for only 99 cents you can download the app on your very own smartphone.

Who knows, if you choose to visit North Korea, perhaps Dennis Rodman will be a member of your tour.