Thanks to all the frustrated parents who sent in photos of their kid's messy bedroom. If nothing else, the photos in the galleries prove you are not alone. The small prize of $30 toward cleaning supplies can only go to one lucky winner/unlucky parent.

And today that winner is...we'll just call the mom Eileen. I don't want to give a last name as I don't actually want to mortify this 17 year old girl.

Part of her mother's email described the situation this way:


17 years old

Flemington, NJ

Years her room has been messy - 16 (she spent her whole first year in our bed, not in her own room). 

Number of times her bed has been made - one (when we bought her the new mattress that she insisted she needed for proper posture) 

Number of times she has actually used the desk that she begged me to guy - zero 

Number of times that dirty laundry actually makes it into that hamper - well, sometimes but most of it is behind the door 

Number of stuffed creatures - who knows? alive or dead?

I tell her that I will sterilize that room next year when she goes to college - hopefully Rutgers. Go Scarlet Knights!

And here are some pictures of the winning messiest room: