This week a new segment was featured during the Week in Review.  Stephen from Townsquare Media's digital department came on the show to talk about the newest videos on  Keep reading to see what else happened on this Friday's Week in Review. features the craziest and funniest videos on the internet.  Dennis and Judi talked with Stephen about the latest videos getting a lot of attention on

The rest of the Week in Review consisted of a lot of calls from listeners wanting to talk about medical marijuana in New Jersey. Most of the callers were heavily in favor of legalizing medical marijuana in New Jersey.

This week also featured a call from a woman who was upset because Al Roker didn't respond to a letter from one of her students. Is this another sign that Al Roker isn't the nice, sweet guy he portrays himself to be on TV?

Finally, the hour concluded with a call from Conspiracy Bob.  This week was a little different; however, because Bob had his own music to accompany him on the air. The song that was played along with Conspiracy Bob was the Ron Paul anthem.

You can listen to Aimee Allen's Ron Paul anthem here.

Don't forget to call in next Friday if you don't get a chance voice your opinion earlier in the week.