The Washington stand-off continues, and it continues to turn-off Americans, in a time where morale needs to be on the rise.While the issue at hand is the extension of payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits, the way things are stalling is the crux of problem.

Neither side in the high-stakes standoff over a tax cut extension is showing any signs of bending. President Barack Obama is telling House Republicans that the two-month deal they've already rejected is the only one on the table. House Speaker John Boehner wants the Senate to return to work on a one-year extension.

The common theme of what these politicians are saying is that they are fighting the for people of their state and districts. However, the way they go about makes the public think of stubbornness, partisan politics, and inaction.

The whole dynamic of Washington politics, and the us vs. them thing has grown very stale with a population struggling to make ends meet.

More than ever, action needs to speak louder than public posturing over every issue that divides the two political parties.

It is all seemingly intensified by an upcoming presidential election.

A Boehner aide says the Ohio Republican insisted that a year-long deal is the only way forward. If there's no agreement, the stalemate could shrink the paychecks of 160 million workers, and hurt millions of unemployed around the country.  New Jersey would rank in the top 5 of state's affected by an inability to get something done.

These issues have tended to go to the 11th hour before an agreement, but this knock-out, drag-out stand-off is doing nothing but putting more Americans on edge, and giving Washington a bigger black eye.

We can only hope that compromise and reasoning takes over at some point.