We've all done it.  We see that gray hair and pluck it.  After you pull it, what happens?

Flickr / chedderfish

It's inevitable, eventually 95 percent of us will get or already have those wiry gray strands on our noggins.

Once they show up we have a few choices.  You can ignore them, dye them, or pluck 'em.

Lots of people think if you pull them out, twice as many gray hairs will grow in.

Cosmetic experts say there's no harm in pulling out gray hairs.  Sure, after pulling out the gray hair it will be gone.  Temporarily gone.  Another gray hair, just one, will grow out of that follicle.

It is a myth that if you pull out one gray hair, two will grow back.

Each hair grows in one follicle.  One follicle does not affect other follicles, even the ones that are close by.

Hair experts warn that if you pluck a lot of gray hairs you may do damage to the follicles with the possibility of no hair growing back.

Hey, here's a novel thought.  Gray hair looks very sexy.