Someone asked me Wednesday why I had a problem with Paul McCartney.  For years I liked Paul McCartney.  As a kid I wanted to be like him.  All the girls loved him and he seemed like a nice guy.  I was even pissed when that one-legged woman took half of his fortune.

But as most entertainers, when they open their mouth about politics, in a nasty, mean-spirited and cowardly way, it turns me off forever.  I may disagree with George Clooney's support for certain politicians, but he's never nasty.  He rolls up his sleeves and gives his money and risks his life for the people of Darfur in Africa and genuinely cares about his causes.

This remark in the video by McCartney a couple of years ago was barely covered by the media, but you can bet if he said it about a Democrat president if would have been all over the news and the love affair with "Sir Paul" would have been all over too!

I was not a fan of George Bush but for a non citizen to show such disrespect for a U.S President was out of bounds.