A great Super Bowl party usually consists of a decent crowd, awesome food and drinks, and one heck of a football game. Gathering friends and family together can get pretty interesting regardless of the occasion, but there's something about the mixture of friends, food, and football that brings out certain types of people at every party...particularly the annoying types. We zoomed in on each of these types of people to provide you a list of the Top 8 Most Annoying Super Bowl Party Guests.

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    The Overzealous Fan

    This is the one person at the party who comes dressed in full team gear along with a painted face of their team's colors. They show up with their entire collection of team trinkets, bobble-heads and lucky nicknacks that they've gathered over the years. They do team chants and rituals throughout the game, annoying every other normal guest at the party.

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    The Passed-Out Drunk

    There's the one person at almost every party who gets a little too excited, taking things way too far. As you're arriving, they are already "two sheets to the wind". By halftime, they've managed to say some pretty embarrassing things - but nothing matches the fact that they soon pass out and miss the ending of the Big Game!

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    The One Who ONLY Watches the Half-time Show

    It's the end of the second quarter and this person is more excited to see the performance at half-time than the actual game. They barely know which teams are playing or what the score is, but they can tell you the entire artist lineup and each performer's set list. Then as it begins, they make everyone remain silent as they loudly sing along to the show.

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    The Know-it-All

    There's no one more annoying than the guy at the party who constantly interjects everyone's conversations with incorrect answers and opinions about everything! All you want to do is spend time with friends, enjoy the snacks and watch the game, but this person's irritating voice makes it all pretty difficult.

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    The Socialite

    The Socialite of the party is there for no other reason but to show off their latest outfit, sip on a drink and mingle with friends. These people usually stick together in a room away from the loud distracting Super Bowl Game to avoid any possible interruptions of their deep, gossip-filled conversations.

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    The One Who is Obsessed with the Commercials

    Everyone knows that Super Bowl ads are a pretty big deal. Advertisers spend tons of money putting together perfectly clever and humorous commercials that grab viewers' attention. This person has studied these and insists on everyone's silence in order to explain the back history with play-by-play detail for every single advertisement.

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    The Clueless Non-Athlete

    They have their game gear on and a premier spot on the couch, but they couldn't begin to tell you what a field goal or a first down is. Rather than quietly waiting to react at touchdowns, this person decides that the Super Bowl game is a perfect time to ask as many questions as they can to learn the complex game of football.

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    The Double Dipper

    A staple element to almost every Super Bowl party is the tray with chips and dip. When you're dealing with a decent-sized crowd stretching beyond immediate family, everyone knows the Golden Rule: you must NEVER double dip...well, everyone except for the #1 Most Annoying person on this list. Double dipping is gross and therefore grounds for early (and forced) departure at any Super Bowl Party.

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