Choosing what to wear to a party can be difficult, especially when you're going to a Luau. In anticipation for the Grapes and Grain Festival Luau in Long Branch, we made a list of the best clothes to wear to a Luau. You'll be sure to look great for a fun night on the beach.


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    Hawaiian Shirt

    A floral Hawaiian shirt is a comfortable way to fit in with your surroundings at a Luau! It's the perfect option for someone who is trying to dress to fit the theme, but does not want to be too bold in their outfit choice.

    Stefan Gosatti, Getty Images
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    Straw Hats

    A straw hat is a great accessory to pair with a Hawaiian floral shirt. It's very Summery, and will protect your head from the sun while keeping you stylish!

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    Hawaiian Leis and Beads

    Maybe you're not brave enough to wear Luau themed clothes, but you still want to try fun accessories. Brightly colored leis and beads will make any outfit you wear Luau friendly!

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    Coconut Bra

    This outfit choice is a little more daring than the others. Often, when people think of Luaus, a coconut bra comes to mind. You'll be the life of the party if you show up to a Luau in a coconut bra!

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    Grass Hula Skirt

    A grass hula skirt is the perfect thing to wear to a Luau! You'll fit in with your surroundings, and it's the best clothing article to show off your hula dancing skills in.

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