By Jeff Deminski

Because next year I'm going to be in the market for a dog for my kids this list caught my eye. Keep in mind this isn't the top 20 most popular dogs right now; this is a list of the top 20 fastest growing in popularity. That's why you'll see for example the Great Dane went from 51st most popular all the way to 28th most popular in just ten years, making it the 17th most 'trending' dog breed (becoming more and more popular very quickly).

See if your dog made the cut.

The 20 Hottest Dog Breeds according to,

19 (tie): Anatolian Shepherd
19 (tie): Mountain Cur
17 (tie): Great Dane
17 (tie): Bernese Mountain Dog
15 (tie): Bulldog
15 (tie): American Bulldog
14: Mastiff
13: Cur (Unknown/Mix)
12: Blackmouth Cur
11: Coton de Tulear
10: Havanese
9: Dogue de Bordeaux
8: Shihpoo
7: Yorkipoo
6: French Bulldog
5: Maltipoo
4: Cane Corso
3: Labradoodle
2: Puggle
1: Goldendoodle