When most people think of Thanksgiving turkey immediately comes to mind. However, if you’re a vegetarian like me, eating turkey is nowhere on your list of meals for Thanksgiving. If you have the dilemma of cooking a meat-free-meal to bring to a loved one’s home this holiday, here are 10 Vegetarian Friendly dishes to try this Thanksgiving!

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    While this dish won’t be the main event of the evening, it is still a delicious and filling course to include in a Thanksgiving menu. There are several soups that are made with Fall vegetables, such as butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, and more! You can have a lot of fun trying a new soup recipe that captures the mood of Fall and Thanksgiving.

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    A salad is definitely not a replacement for turkey, but it still is an important part of a multi-course meal. Like soup, there are several different seasonal vegetables to include in a salad. Plus, you’re not restricted to including only vegetables – you can throw in pasta, tofu, fruits, nuts, even seeds! It’s up to you. You don’t have to stress about making this dish 100% healthy, since it is a holiday.

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    A staple item on the Thanksgiving table in my home is quiche! Some years there have been three different kinds of quiche prepared for the holiday. My favorites include spinach and cheese, artichoke and mushroom, and squash and cheese, but the possibilities are endless!

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    Stuffed Vegetables

    Turkeys aren’t the only things that can be stuffed – you can stuff vegetables too! Veggies can be filled with breadcrumbs, egg, cheese, and rice and more. There are so many different vegetables that can be stuffed too, like mushrooms, peppers, artichokes, and more. It’s also a very filling dish. Don't forget - Jersey is home to many delicious fresh vegetables. Be sure to shop local when buying veggies this Thanksgiving!

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    Eggplant Parmigiana

    A traditional Thanksgiving dinner may not include Eggplant Parm, but we are in New Jersey! This dish is filling enough to be a replacement for turkey, and is also delicious and fairly easy to make.

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    Vegetable Quesadilla

    This meal also strays from the traditional Thanksgiving route, but is quick and easy to put together. There are a variety of vegetables that taste great in quesadillas. Plus, you can also put a Fall spin on this dish by using seasonal vegetables and making a cranberry dipping sauce.

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    This tasty dish can be a fun way to bring family and friends together for the holiday. Instead of ordering out, you can make the pizza together with loved ones. It can be the start of a new Thanksgiving tradition.

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    Pasta Dishes

    Pasta can also be a great replacement for a turkey. You can take the easy route and make a simple red sauce, or be more adventurous and make a fall themed pasta. One year, my cousin made butternut squash raviolis in pumpkin sauce and they tasted fantastic!

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    Tofu Turkey

    If you believe that no Thanksgiving table is complete without a turkey, then a tofu turkey might be the right choice for you! You can still stuff it with meatless stuffing and dress it in vegetarian gravy.

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    Fill your plate up with side dishes

    My favorite part about Thanksgiving was always the side dishes – even before I became a vegetarian. If you’re skipping the turkey, it just means there’s extra room on your plate for potatoes, meatless stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans and more!

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