A-ha was a Norwegian trio who burst on the world stage in 1985 with their massive global hit, 'Take On Me' which topped the Billboard charts. It was the first song by a Norwegian band to hit #1. The song was so popular, they were invited to perform it on Soul Train. That’s where the story begins and ends for most American music fans, but 'Take On Me' was not the group’s only top 20 hit from the album Hunting High and Low. The song I requested from Big Joe, 'The Sun Always Shines On TV,' was also a big hit. It peaked at #20 in the US but was a bigger hit in the UK than 'Take On Me.' Lest you think that A-ha was a one hit wonder, they have sold over 100 million albums world wide and once performed in front of 198,000 fans in Rio.

Apparently Big Joe doesn’t care about the taste of Brazilians, because he didn’t play my request.

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