We've mentioned this a time or two. Our producer Joe Votruba (who by the way I like very much; when I call him an idiot in this video I totally mean it in the lovable goofball sort of way) enjoys a challenge. Sometimes a stupid challenge.

There are various pieces of live copy we have to read on-air. Weather sponsorships, traffic sponsorships, other commercials, public service announcements, etcetera. These are printed on 8" by 11" paper then put inside laminated sleeves. When we're finishing any given hour, they pile up.

That's where Joe comes in. For some ridiculous reason he enjoys sliding them off the broadcast desk then catching them in mid-air with his double jointed arm kind of contorted backwards. I secretly think whether Joe V has a good Friday night depends on how many of these he catches that week. I could tell Joe was getting into position yesterday as Bill was finishing up reading one of these so I started a video and this is what I caught.

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