When Governor Christie was campaigning for the job in 2009, he spent a good amount of time with Assemblyman Peter J. Biondi of Hillsborough. Biondi one day noticed Christie was wearing cufflinks that he had gotten from the Department of Justice. Christie of course was U.S. Attorney for the seven years before he first ran for governor. Biondi pointed out he wasn't a 'fed' anymore and Christie told him, "Well you know Pete, I don't have any other job right now, so I'm going to keep wearing these."

Biondi brought it up all the time. Even days they'd see each other when Christie wasn't wearing those cufflinks Biondi would bust his chops asking, "Where are the fed cufflinks?"

A week after he was elected governor in 2009 he ran into Pete Biondi at an event. Biondi pulled the governor-elect aside and said, "I have something for you." He presented Christie with a little box. Inside were a pair of cufflinks with the seal of the state of New Jersey on them. He warmly gave them to Chris Christie saying, "You're ours now."

Two years ago Assemblyman Biondi died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Last night Gov. Christie was wearing those same cufflinks. I'm sure Assemblyman Biondi would agree even if Christie wins the white house in 2016, he'll always be ours.