Although Bridgegate continues to hover over the Christie Administration and recently announced pension cuts have set the stage for a State House showdown, a Wednesday night event offered the opportunity to show a lighter side of Trenton.

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The New Jersey Press Association's Legislative Correspondents Club Show is a yearly show of song parodies and skits put on by the State House reporters. The event also featured a speech and video from Gov. Chris Christie.

To nobody's surprise, Bridgegate was the main target of the parodies, with eight of the 14 songs focusing on the scandal.

Some titles included "Shut it Down" and "Send in the Cones."

But, Christie had some fun at his own expense, basing this year's video on the show "Undercover Boss."

The video hit on many of the issues he regularly receives criticism about, including: Bridgegate, the awarding of Sandy funds, and his relationships with some high-powered Democrats. More on the video and other show details were reported by North

Christie said his favorite song of the night was one that mocked the man at the center of Bridgegate, David Wildstein.