Storm #1 is gone, but storm #2 is on the way for tonight and Wednesday and Storm #3 is on the way for later Sunday or Sunday night.

It will be cold today with temperatures in the 30s.  Snow develops tonight, but it may be brief in South Jersey with little or none expected along the coast in South Jersey.  There may be as much as an inch or two near the Delaware River.

The chances of more snow increases as you get into Central New Jersey and especially North Jersey.  There may be a few inches along the Route 1 corridor, perhaps four to eight inches North of Route 78 before it goes to a wintry mix, and even rain in parts of South Jersey.  Temperatures will be in the 30s.

Rain or a wintry mix will start the day on Wednesday, before tapering off in the afternoon.  Most highs in the 30s.

Partly sunny on Thursday with temperatures in the 30s.