As the search continues today for Sarah Majoras, the Lambertville woman who vanished early Saturday morning after a night out with friends at the bar where she works in New Hope, Pennsylvania, prosecutors released surveillance photos of her walking home that night.

The Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office released the pictures "in hopes it may trigger someone’s memory if they saw her that night," according to an update. The Prosecutor also said there is no evidence of “foul play,” but all possible scenarios are being looked into by investigators.

Majoras' cell phone has also yielded no clues according to Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns, III

New Jersey State Police divers returned to the waters of the Delaware River and the D+R Canal today using sonar and other equipment than the other dive teams that have also looked for Majoras.

As authorities continue to look for clues in the case, hundreds of volunteers showed up today to help look for the missing woman.

Joe Ujj, a long-time friend of Majoras, helped to organize seven-–person-teams to search wooded areas that border Lambertville, and he told the searchers “if anything that looks like it’s been there for a while, don’'t worry about it, don’t bother with it… and in the event that you do find anything that’'s definitely obvious, take a picture. If you have a smart phone, go to your map and pin yourself on the map… and call me I'’ll contact police.”

This past Sunday, a day after Majoras disappeared, Ujj created a Find Sarah Majoras Facebook page, which now has more than 9 thousand “likes”.

“The website was set up to get information out to a wide range of people” he says, “not only across the country but around the world - I think the more attention you can bring to something, – it makes people work harder and I think it can only do good – we want to present facts and stop rumors and speculation – we’re only posting what we’re being told by police, the mayor.”

Ujj adds he’s working on a plan to raise money –to either post a reward for information in the case or perhaps to help the family.

Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony Kearns says, "We are gathering any and all information at this point in our efforts, if anybody observed anything. This would be the early hours of Saturday morning - that they thought was peculiar - they heard something, they saw something - or before or after that as well - to make the effort and call us and let us know…They can call the Hunterdon County Prosecutors office at 908-788-1129."

He says, in addition to sonar being used by State Police divers in a canal that runs along the edge of town, "Detectives are canvassing the area - obtaining any videos from businesses, looking at those."

Kearns adds, "There is a wonderful quality of life here in Hunterdon, and this is rare…We are told she was very loved person in the community- both in Lambertville and New Hope ,and it does not appear that she had any enemies. The whole community is rallying around the effort to try and find her…So if you think you may have seen or heard something, just allow us to analyze it and access it - they don't need to do that themselves- give us the information and we'll see what we can do with it."

George Altonen, a co-worker and 20-year friend of Sarah, says everyone considers Lambertville "a very safe and calm town…Most people don't even lock their doors at night…Everybody in the community takes care of each other, we have a really solid, close group of friends - it's very much one of those places here you just feel safe in."

He says Sarah "wouldn't just stop someplace - she was someone who always wanted to sleep in her own bed, not somebody's house. She doesn't do drugs, she's never been in trouble - she's always been very - she's just a happy person and we all love her so much…Nothing really makes sense right now - there's been a million different things all of her friends have been going through - about what could have happened to her…we've all thought she could have been attacked…I hope to God that didn't happen and she is found safe someplace - all of us are going through a really hard time - she means the world to us."

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