Here’s the deal!

Yesterday was the rude awakening. I visited the doctor and got what I didn’t want to acknowledge.

I’m overweight. Notice I’m not saying “fat” but overweight. In other words, time to get off my “overweight” ass and do something about it.

Yes, even though I have my TRX and WITS certifications as a personal trainer, the one thing I need to do is train myself.

Train myself to get out of bed and go to the gym.
Train myself to not eat crap when I get home at night.
Train myself to drink wine in moderation.

So today’s routine started at 9 AM by first getting out of bed, hitting the gym at 9:30, spending a half hour on the treadmill with a brisk walk till 10.

Then it was on to the agility room where I spent some time doing shoulder paddles while standing on a “bosu” – followed by sit-ups on a decline bench – cable chest flyes – and 3 sets of side planks.

That was one hour in the books. Once home I had a medium sized bowl of Cheerios with a banana and blueberries and started my day with the copious amounts of research that go into the show.
I’m figuring to lose 35 pounds by December 4 which would make approximately 9 pounds a month.

I know it sounds like a lot, but with the right motivation, plus my commitment to showing you each week my progress (or lack thereof) – I know I’ll be able to reach a manageable weight.

I’ve already prepared myself for the eventual plateau – so we’ll see how it goes.

If you have any suggestions, please don’t be shy.