If there’s one thing I love about winter, it’s the variety of soups you know will sustain you during long cold nights.

So knowing that the Polar Vortex was mere days away, my wife decided we needed something nuclear to warm up our insides for its duration.

Split pea soup.

And what better way to make use of the remains of a spiral ham than to dice it up and make it the base of the soup – surrounded by carrots, mushrooms, split peas, grated onions and barley – all simmering in a vegetable stock.

In fact, she made enough to feed not only the both of us for a couple of days, but my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson too.

There’s something so universally “loving” about soup.
If chicken soup can cure the common cold – then why not beef soup with shredded chuck, tomato, carrots, celery, mushroom and acini pepe macaroni to help you fight off the winter blues.

Sort of like “Italian Lexapro” – if there could ever be such a thing.

Do you have a favorite cold weather food or recipe you’d like to share? Feel free below.