We asked you to pick between two of the strangest calls we've had in a while as part of Dennis & Judi's "LMAO Call of the Week". The results are in, and this is the closest contest we've had thus far.

Virgil from Englishtown is this week's winner, narrowing out Mike from Freehold by a single vote. after he shared with Dennis & Judi why he believes school threats are becoming more and more common. His reasoning? Something he calls "virgin rage".

So what exactly is "virgin rage"? Well according to Virgil, it's where kids get so bottled up by hormones, and there only way to express themselves is to make threats.

When the call seemed to take a turn towards being scary, Dennis & Judi made light of the call by adding subtle background music.

This call had us saying WTF as much as we were laughing. Check out Dennis & Judi's "LMAO Call of the Week" in the clip above.

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