I didn't forget you!

The weekend intruded, but that doesn't mean we bail.

No, this is too important.

So here's what I did for the past few days.

Friday I did approximately an hour of abdominal exercises consisting of front planks, side planks with one leg raised, balance ball crunches, and something called floor wipers.


Then I move over to do some bicep curls with dumbbells, some triceps extensions with a cable, and finish it off with around 45 minutes of cardio.

Saturday I spend an hour with a client at 7 AM. Generally I watch, but make sure to demonstrate exactly what it is I'm looking for as far as form is concerned.
The rest of the day I'm shot!

Sunday, I teach 2 "Quick Train" classes that involve plenty of body part isolation exercises, plus some abdominal and cardio routines in between. And yes, I generally do the exercises together with the class.

Today I bailed on the cardio and spent most of my time warming up.

I have a routine where I take an 8 pound puffy medicine ball, squat down, and press it up against the cinderblock wall in the basketball court...allowing it to bounce. I squat down, picking the ball up again, thrusting it up against the wall and repeating the motion.

There's also the side to side motion that I demonstrated in this video.

I also spent some time doing some chest and shoulder exercises, spending roughly 75 minutes there.

And, of course, there's the intermittent BSing that's so necessary to any workout regimen.

After all, one needs to socialize. It's what keeps the blood flowing and the brain functioning!

And God knows, we all need to have good blood flow...now don't we?