It may be the most famous quote ever uttered on New Jersey 101.5's Ask The Governor.

Screenshot of The Tonight Show sketch about Governor Christie and Prince Harry (NBC)

The last question asked by Eric Scott on this week's Ask The Governor with Governor Chris Christie concerned Prince Harry's upcoming trip to New Jersey to visit an unidentified area "badly affected by Hurricane Sandy."

Given that Harry wound up naked with a woman in Las Vegas during his last trip to the United States, Christie put to rest any fears the same thing would happen during his stop in the Garden State.

“I am going to spend the entire day with Prince Harry. Believe me, no one is going to be getting naked,” laughed Christie, who said he is “thrilled” Prince Harry wants to come see the destruction from the October storm first-hand.

The governor noted that he has met Queen Elizabeth II and “she knows that she can trust her beloved grandson with the governor of the state of New Jersey.”

The quote immediately was picked up by a media hungry for funny lines from the quotable Christie, from People to the New York tabloids to the Guardian and Telegraph in London.

Jay Leno on Thursday's Tonight Show took a shot at Christie's comments not quite holding up after a couple of beers.