A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced a measure that would make drug and alcohol testing mandatory for any driver who's involved in a fatal accident.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

"Current Jersey law requires a police officer to determine probable cause to test for alcohol or drugs, and that would be exhibiting flagrant behavior, intoxication, smell, slurred speech, things of that nature, but this law would require any person involved in a fatal accident to be tested automatically," says Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly.

He points out this is really a common sense issue.

"Any accident that results in a loss of life - the investigation should be thorough, and part of that investigation should be the test."

The legislation is known as "Michelle's Law," named for 17-year-old North Haledon resident, Michelle Sous, who was struck and killed by a car on Saint Patrick's day earlier this year, but the driver was never given a drug or alcohol test.