When I learned to drive my father was too nervous to get behind the wheel with me.  My always calm mother did that.

However, there are 3 important “rules of the road” my Dad did teach me, and after30 years of driving I still hear him in my head:

  • “drive careful”
  • “look out for deer”
  • “if you get pulled over just answer yes sir no sir”

The latter came in handy about a year ago when on two different occasions I was pulled over by the same officer for “rolling” through a stop sign.  “So the car can stop, you just chose to let it roll” the officer said once I rolled down my window.  I simply said “yes sir”.  The officer said, “well honesty is the best policy, since you were honest with me I’ll let you go this time.”  The funny thing is the same exact thing happened at the same stop sign about a month later.  He clearly did not remember me.  We had the same exact conversation and he let me go a second time without even a warning.

David Caggiano, 42 of Plainsboro never learned that.  This past Saturday during the big snow, he was pulled over by Patrolman Robert Godown who was patrolling Route 31 in Flemington for swerving in the lane and passing a vehicle on the shoulder.

After he was pulled over Caggiano jumped out of his car and shouted at the officer “are you #&*%@*^ nuts in the head” for pulling him over during Saturdays freak storm!  As the conversation continued Caggiano continued in his anger cursing at the patrolman.

The officer let him go, but allegedly Caggiano re-entered the road in a careless manner cutting off another car.

This time the officer pulled him over and he got a ticket for wreck less and careless driving, failing to produce his license and insurance card, improper use of his horn, failure to comply with an officer and obstruction of justice.

“Yes sir, no sir”.