I guess we're doing away with words. It's 2015 and your vocabulary, no matter how extensive, is apparently meaningless.

Oxford Dictionary has chosen an emoji as their word of the year. No, not the word "emoji," an actual emoji won the honor. So progressive.

So, what emoji is it? None other than "face with tears of joy."

That isn't even close to the best emoji. This award is a sham. Off the top of my head, I can think of five emojis I would pick before "face with tears of joy."

5 emojis better than the "Word Of The Year"

The other words nominated were: they, dark web, sharing economy, lumbersexual, refugee, Brexit, ad blocker, on fleek.

Okay. I can live with the fact that "on fleek" lost the honor of Word Of The Year to something that isn't even a word.
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