A little battle broke out at the Doyle dinner table Monday night.

Since it was the Fourth of July, I grilled hot dogs for dinner (hot dogs should always be 1. All-beef and 2. Cooked outside over real lump charcoal).

My 19-year-old son AND my 18 year old daughter both put ketchup on their hot dogs, which I find abhorrent. Keep in mind, at it's root, a hot dog is a sausage. Would you put ketchup on other sausages like a brat, or salami, or Italian sausage? No, of course not!

The proper condiments, applied in this order, are:

• Yellow mustard
• Pickle relish
• Diced onions.

That’s it.

Oh, and it also helps if you use buns that are slit on the top instead of the side. My wife has this ridiculous idea that you should put some vile cabbage concoction called sauerkraut on a dog, but I’d rather eat dirt.

Now, I realize there are more important issues facing the Garden State and that the Fourth is over, but I would still like to know what Jersey people put on their hot dogs.

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Of course, if it's anything besides the mustard, relish and onions ... they're wrong.

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