Millennials who dream of becoming entrepreneurs are facing the harsh realty of the economy thwarting their vision. So say the results of a nationwide survey by EY.

New Jersey has its pros and cons as far as trying something new. The pro is we have a lot of diversity in opportunity which lends itself to more creative ideas. Whatever your dream is, there probably is a place for it in New Jersey. The con is how hard New Jersey makes it to start and grow a business as far as taxes and ordinances.

When I was 21, I started a mobile DJ company that supported my growing radio career and helped me buy my house. I have since owned two coffee houses and a comedy club. I now own a comedy business that provides entertainment for corporate events and fundraisers. Most of this was done during a harsh economy.

The point is you can't let that worry you. If you're a millennial and fail in a business, you're still young enough to try something else. If you succeed, the sky's the limit. Making success happen takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You must live your dream so much that at times it can become a nightmare. Hopefully in the end, it will be worth it.

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