The New York Giants have not won a game this year.

There are those who attribute that to the fact that their receivers took a boat trip to Miami the week before their playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers.

There are those that attribute it to a lack of an offensive line.

Excuse the self-promotion. Some say it's the players, some blame it on poor management decisions, (see offensive line) there are probably those who would say voodoo curse. Personally I'm going "head" coach — as in Ben McAdoo's hair.

Ever since McAdoo went from his 70s porn star look of yesteryear to his greased back stick 'em look now, the Giants have not won a game. Maybe his head stays in their head when they're on the field.

They do draw up these plays in meetings where they are looking at the head coach in front of the chalkboard. It's got to be hard to keep focused in the offensive strategy when they're thinking "How can he go out in public like that?" "Is that bacon grease? I smell bacon, is there bacon??" Mmmm bacon......

The Giants have got to be at the point where they'll try anything. Bill Parcells was a  superstitious coach to the point where he once made O.J. Anderson wear his practice pants all the way through the 1991 Super Bowl. You would never see Big Tuna change his hair during what was supposed to be a playoff bound season.

Ben McAdoo said at his press conference after the Giants 27-22 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers — bringing them to 0-5 on the season — that he was going to look in the mirror. Wait until he sees what he looks back! You can only hide it behind that big menu he carries on the sidelines for so long. If this losing goes on, he may have the classified job openings taped to the other side.

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