46 or 47 was Thursday's high temperature, and 44 to 47 is roughly where we should be this time of the year.

Today, with lots of sunshine, it'll just be in the low 50s; 51 or 52 this afternoon.

Some clear skies tonight with some lows in the 20s, but mid 30s or so in urban and coastal areas.  Another frosty night coming up for New Jersey.

Some sunshine to start, giving way to arriving clouds, especially Saturday afternoon and evening.  Highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 40s.

It still looks as though, at least, some rain seems likely Sunday.  Statewide highs from 45 to 55.

We look for the next storm threat to be the middle part of next week, mostly rain, but possibly some snow flurries behind it by Wednesday, as cold air is drawn in the northern and western parts of the state. It doesn't look like any snow problems for us, at least as of now.

Well, this is it for me, for now. I'm not going to be back with you until Wednesday, January 2nd.

My holiday wish is one that I give every year.  It comes from the movie, "The Bishop's Wife," where David Nivin plays a priest. At the end of his homily, he says these words:

Loving, kindness, warm hearts and the stretched out hand of tolerance - all the shining gifts of peace on earth.

Happy holidays everyone.

I'm Meteorologist Alan Kasper