Many commuters who use the Turnpike and the Parkway to travel to work are getting a nasty shock today - tolls have been increased 50 percent! The bump up was approved by former Governor Corzine during his last year in office.

"Fifty percent -it's really outrageous" said one driver at a Turnpike rest area, "do I like it? No, I don't like it - nobody likes it - nobody wants to pay more for a road that was supposed to be free 50 years ago."

Another motorist said "this is going to kill the small guy - truckers are going to pass it on to everybody, right? They're not going to absorb it, businesses don't absorb it- who absorbs it - gets caught with it? The little guy! It's maddening - it's absolutely maddening what's going on in this state - I guess all over - but particularly in Jersey."

A man standing nearby shook his head in disgust.

"I think it's libelous" he said, "I'm surprised that this hasn't been drawn to the public's attention sooner - ex-Governor Corzine passed this thing without hardly anyone knowing about it - and it takes effect a year after he leaves office- I think it's terrible! Me for one - I have a sales organization, and I'm going to indicate to my salesmen I really don't want them traveling on toll roads."

Another driver said "I really don't understand why I've got to pay to be on these roads- I'm from out of state - so they don't have toll roads where I come - it's nuts - so God bless America!"

The toll hike took effect this past Sunday - the first day of the New Year.