The growth and distribution of medical marijuana continues to pose a showdown of sorts in New Jersey.

The issue has been a hot-button one for some time. After fine-tuning the restrictions and regulations, it has a blessing of sorts from the state to move forward.

But, with the exception of Montclair, towns do not want to be the one to have the facility in their backyard.

The debate has drawn huge numbers and the ire of opponents and residents in these, which have severely outnumbered those in favor.

Upper Freehold has been a recent township in the center of this back and forth, when Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center announced plans to grow medical marijuana in greenhouses on a farm in the Monmouth County community.

Officials from Upper Freehold will vote tonight with a new legal approach, an ordinance that would block local approval for anything that breaks federal law.

It is understandable that residents and officials are reluctant to allow a facility in their, for fear that it may open pandora’s box. However, Governor Christie has been steadfast in keeping this a very safe and secure process. He has also been adamant about avoiding turning the program into the ones in Colorado and California.

Illegal drugs are rampant all over the state of New Jersey. This program is pretty clear in avoiding crime and issues associated with illegal drugs because of the safeguards in place.

The state will allow six nonprofit groups to grow and sell the pot.

It remains to be seen who takes the second spot.