WOODBRIDGE — A longtime music teacher has lost his teaching certificate after state education officials determined he made a series of “inappropriate and sexually laced comments” to students and colleagues.

Randall Hunt, who had been teaching since 1988, was suspended from his position at Avenel Middle School in 2014 after joking about the size of girls’ breasts and a male student’s erection, discussing Monica Lewinsky's semen-stained dress and quizzing his students about their sexual activities.

He also was accused of saying that “Asian people smell” and telling an Asian student she “eats cats and dogs.”

An administrative law judge earlier this year found the student witnesses credible and said Hunt’s testimony for the most part was not believable.

The judge, however, did side with Hunt regarding an accusation that he leered at female cheerleaders practicing in a hallway for “roughly 45 minutes."

State education officials said this was not inappropriate because the cheerleaders could be “readily observed by anyone in the building.”

But Hunt also was accused of the following:

— Asked students: "How far did you guys go? Who was a virgin in the 7th grade?”

— After a class trip stated: “I wonder how many people aren’t virgins anymore.”

— Made sexually suggestive comments and hand motions after a student got her finger stuck in her flute.

— Asked students whether they “were sexual” and said “so you’re looking for a girlfriend.”

— Told an 8th grade student: “Come back when you're 18 so we can have fun.”

— Suggested that a 7th grade girl change her clothes in the closet with a male peer.

— Told a girl she should place “DD” on her chest in place of the Superman symbol.

— Talked about female students having the “S” factor, with “S” meaning “slut.”

— Told a story about a male student getting a “boner” after a girl sat on his lap.

— Asked students whether they planned on having sex after the prom.

— Asked 7th-grade students if they “knew anyone that got raped.”

— Joked in class about “sagging balls.”

— Told pregnant teachers that they were “sexy” and that “there was nothing more pleasing to him than a pregnant woman.”

— Insinuated that a female student had been in the bathroom with another male teacher.

— Called a female student over to him and told her: “I don’t want you to think I’m a creep/weird that I was looking at you but I just couldn’t help myself.”

— Told a female student she should stop fighting with other girls or he would “have to spank” her.

— Instructed 7th grade girls to wear tights for the winter concert because “one time he saw a student with no tights on put her feet up and he saw everything under her skirt.”

— Told a male student in class: “So you watch porn” and “so you watch it in your dad’s laptop so he won’t tell the difference.”

Hunt argued that he asked girls to wear tights to spare them embarrassment. He also said his comments were not a result of “prurient interest” but an attempt to establish a rapport with students.

But an administrative law judge and the state Board of Examiners said his comments had no place in a middle school classroom and “revealed a tone in Hunt’s classroom that was inappropriate and unacceptable."

The Board of Examiners last week ordered that Hunt's certificate be revoked and returned to the state.

Also last week, the state board ordered the revocation of the teaching and principal certificates of former Assistant Superintendent Lois Rotella, who had been implicated in the district's standardized-test cheating scandal several years ago.

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