They’re doing it again.

Vanity legislation rears it’s half baked head in the wake of the story about 44 year old Patricia Krentcil of Nutley, who faces child endangerment charges for allegedly allowing her 6-year-old daughter Anna to join her while using a tanning bed last month.

And now that it's gotten national exposure via SNL this past Saturday, lawmakers are falling over themselves to attach their names to a law that would ban teens under 18 from tanning beds.

According to the report filed earlier by Townsquare’s Kevin McArdle, “New Jersey already bans anyone under the age of 14 from using indoor tanning. Those 14-18 must have parental permission. Last year a bill to ban indoor tanning by all minors was passed in the State Senate, but failed to make it through the full Assembly. Currently Vermont and California are only two states with such a ban. The indoor tanning industry argues a ban like this in New Jersey could seriously hurt business.

Is the present law not enough, because according to the logic of Blair Horner, vice-president for Advocacy for the American Cancer Society of New York and New Jersey… "Parents will feel more comfortable saying no if there is a law against it,'' Horner said of the bill, (A2142/S1172).

What happened to just saying “no”?

And since it’s “vanity legislation”…in other words, something proposed as a knee jerk reaction to a well publicized event….what name do you think the “proposed law” should get?