Spring is here and with summer just around the corner, it’s time to start promoting the Jersey shore in the aftermath of Super storm Sandy.

Seaside Heights Boardwalk (Stacy Proebstle, Townsquare Media)

In fact of the $1.8 billion dollars allotted to rebuild and recover, Governor Christie says $25 million will be used for promotion.

Let’s help him out shall we?

If you were going to write a slogan to promote the Jersey Shore, it would have to be something that would not only capture the essence of the vast vacation spot and the many things it has to offer, but reflect attitude of those who endured the biggest storm ever to hit New Jersey. Here’s a few to start you off.

The Jersey Shore…Back With So Much More!

The Jersey Shore….Where Sandy got Randy

The Jersey Shore….We Got Your Beach Fees Right Here!

The Jersey Shore….From Snooki to Sandy to You!

The Jersey Shore….What Time is Last Call?

The Jersey Shore….Drink All The Sugary Soda You Want!

The Jersey Shore….All Cleaned up and THE place to go

The Jersey Shore….No Parking Free Waiting!

The Jersey Shore…Do I Have to Tell You Again?

The Jersey Shore….Where Else Are You Gonna Get Kohl’s Custard?