I love Rock Art. I think it is the expression of our generation. I love the idea of getting the message of the music through the pictures or paintings of the artists, album covers, logos, or whatever they inspire the artist to create.

Courtesy of Shannon MacDonald

Having said that, this Sunday I will be hosting a benefit at the Headliner in Neptune for Shannon MacDonald, widely regarded as the “Worlds Greatest Beatles Artist.” That title was bestowed on her by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool in 1998.

Unfortunately Shannon had to have six-figure-surgery to remove tumors from her spine and Shannon is not medically covered because this is a pre-existing condition. So the rock n' roll community in New Jersey, led by Dave Hershey and Grammy Winner Dennis Ferrante, who worked on John Lennon’s “Imagine,” “Mind Games” and “Walls and Bridges” album among several others.

The Nerds will be also performing, as well as the Led Zeppelin tribute band “Black Dog.” There will be signings and a silent auction. A great time will be had by all for sure.

Tickets are just $20 and available at the Headliner this Sunday June 2nd from 2-5p. You can also pick up tickets at Freehold Music prior to the show.

If you’re a Beatles fan, or got the message as to what they were all about, you should come!

What’s the best piece of Rock Art or picture you own?