Oh the humanity! I work hard trying to raise my sons right as Giants fans. I cradled them in my arms when they were barely one as the Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, and celebrated with them again when they were five as the Giants win Super Bowl XLVI. You would think that when a child sees his team win two Super Bowls by the time he starts elementary school that he would be a fan for life, but nooooooooo!

Despite all the Giants jerseys I bought him and player posters for his room, my son Lennon has informed me that he has become a fan of the Atlanta Falcons! That's right, the same team that blew a 28-3 halftime lead in Super Bowl XLVI to lose to the Patriots, the same team that the Giants beat twice. Where did I go wrong? Lennon explained when he joined me on New Jersey 101.5 last night.

Being the good father that I am, as hard as it is to deal with such a shock, I am supportive of my son. I've taken him to Falcon receiver Mohammed Sanu's football camp where I introduced him to his idol. He owns two team jerseys of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Sanu. I even let him wear them at the dinner table.

I'm hoping, as time rolls on an he gets older, maybe with some therapy, my son Lennon will see the error of his ways and joins his Albert and I as full-fledged, lifelong fans of the New York Giants. Why shouldn't he suffer like the rest of us?

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