Danger...'tis the season to get hurt. In part one of, "Holiday Health Hazards" we look at the wrong way to trim the tree and string the lights.

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E-R docs see more than their share of fall injuries right now as people try their luck on high ladders both inside and outside the home.

Robert Wood Johnson injury expert Diana Starace says, "We're definitely seeing more falls this time of year, just like we were seeing them when people were preparing for Sandy."

Older men or women are putting up lights outside and hurt their head or neck, or middle-aged men who've had a couple of drinks while decorating and injure their shoulders or wrists; and kids are trying to assist and end up with injuries.

Some of us just aren't used to balancing ourselves that high up. Jersey Shore Medical Center E-R Chief Doctor Robert Sweeney says the falls can wind up as fractures of the upper extremity, meaning the arm. Sweeney says, "a lot of times, wrists, from people putting their wrists down to catch their fall."

More than 13,000 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms due to injuries related to holiday decorating, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Add some alcohol to the mix while climbing up there...and look out below.