Back in the day…..actually, waaayyy back in the day, the one or two I had to have were the Remco Caraville, and the Remco Pom Pom gun.

The Pom Pom gun was a take off of a double barreled cannon that would “pom pom” back and forth in rapid fire succession.

Ahh…but the one I craved most was the Caraville.

It was a makeshift radio and radio STATION all in one.

With it you could actually broadcast yourself from one room to another.

All you needed to do was to tune the Caraville to a weak frequency, do the same to a radio in an adjacent room; press the button on the attached microphone, and yap away.

Kinda like what I do now; only with things that light up and are harder to reach!

It was also good for sending messages over the radio to people you didn’t like…like my aunt Grace who lived in the floor above us.

She used to listen to the Beautiful Music station all day in her kitchen; and armed with that, we used to send messages over the air to screw with her.

What memories. She’d come downstairs, smelling all over of Jean Nate, screaming at us…thinking that someone was gasping for air and calling for help!

How I wish they'd bring that back.

But retro toys ARE indeed about to hit the toy store shelves.

Now according to this:

…with the release of the annual Hot Toy List, some old favorites are back.

Like Furby.

The yapping, wide-eyed creature's back - and it's just one of the retro toys that will be on your kids' wish list this holiday season, according to Toys "R" Us' annual Holiday Hot Toy List.

Other blast-from-the-past gifts moms and dads have to buy their kids this year or risk a nasty backlash: the Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle from LEGO - a massive 915-piece construction set priced at $139.99 - and the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset going for $119.99.

Launched in 1998, Furby was a major hit in the late 1990s, delighting kids with its jabbering and driving parents crazy in the process.

After placing it on the back shelf for years, Hasbro is bringing Furby back in a big way - but at a hefty price of $59.99.

"Furby has great name recognition, but I'm a bit skeptical of its $60 price," toy analyst Sean McGowan of Needham & Co. told the Daily News.

Barbie gets plenty of face time on a separate must-have toy list from Toys "R" Us rival Kohl's.

Among the items your princess will want: the Barbie Volkswagen Beetle and Barbie Pinktastic Dolls.

What were some of your favorite toys from back in the day?