Richard Hoynes is a rocker at heart. This Belmar resident and former senior executive for companies that include Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Tyco is so devoted to Jersey bands that he spent the last ten years photographing them in every nook and cranny in New Jersey.

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Hoynes, also a philanthropist, who founded AMA Charitable foundation in memory of his late parents Andrew and Anita, has put those photos in a large coffee table book called “Great Jersey Musicians”  Portions of the books proceeds benefits his charity,


“I started AMA Charitable Foundation in 2010 to help non-profits raise money. So many charities are started by people who have a strong passion around a particular problem area, but have less business and fundraising experience. I usually bring musicians together with the charities and experienced business professionals at events that help everyone. The charity makes money to further their work. The musicians get paid. The attendees have an enjoyable time at the event and as a society, we help to bring a greater social awareness to the challenges of our times as well as a greater sense of community. “

In fact Hoynes is so dedicated to the Jersey music cause that he has also donated many copies of the book to charity fundraisers and sells the books, which usually sell for $49.99, at wholesale prices to any of the more than 60 named artists featured in the book, so they can sell it at their shows and make money for themselves.

“Another challenge is the saturation of the Jersey market. Because there is so much great talent, the excess supply of talent can cause compensation for the artists to go down. There are artists who will play for $50 a night and the restaurants are looking to cut costs. Of course all artists are not created equal, but many restaurants don’t care that much about booking top talent.”


You can see from looking at the many pictures in the book which covers not only the bands but their support team, the sound and light men, promoters, the people behind the scenes, many who work for little more than keeping their dream alive.
“Many musicians are artists. They play for the love of the art. Many have a starving artist sense of self that manifests itself in their lives. So many artists play fundraisers for free all the time when many cannot pay their own bills. I believe in balance”



"Great Jersey Musicians” can be purchased on, and in Asbury Park at Russo’s Music, Lake House Music Studio and The Asbury Music Heritage Foundation. The eBook version contains original songs and music videos from several of the artists


Richard will be in studio with me  tonight at 9p. We will be giving away copies off his book ‘Great Jersey Musicians” during “Trevia” at ten. Who are the ‘Great Jersey musicians”? Discuss in the comment section below.